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How to Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 “Emergency Calls Only” Bug

How to Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 “Emergency Calls Only” Bug

Have you ever encountered the frustrating “Emergency Calls Only” bug on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1? This issue can leave you feeling helpless and disconnected from the world. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss effective methods to fix the “Emergency Calls Only” bug on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1.


1. Check Network Signal

The first step in resolving the “Emergency Calls Only” bug is to check your network signal. Ensure that you are in an area with good network coverage. If the signal is weak or unstable, you may experience this bug. Try moving to a different location or contacting your network provider for assistance.

How to Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 “Emergency Calls Only” Bug


2. Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone can sometimes resolve minor software glitches that may be causing the “Emergency Calls Only” bug. Simply press and hold the power button, then tap on “Restart” to reboot your device. After restarting, check if the issue is resolved.

3. Update Your Phone’s Software

Regular software updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements. To ensure that your Xiaomi Pocophone F1 is running the latest software version, go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. If an update is available, follow the on-screen instructions to install it. After updating, check if the bug persists.

4. Toggle Airplane Mode

Turning on and off Airplane Mode can help refresh your phone’s network connectivity. Swipe down from the top of your screen to access the Quick Settings panel. Tap on the Airplane Mode icon to activate it, then wait a few seconds and tap again to disable it. This action can sometimes resolve the “Emergency Calls Only” bug.

5. Remove and Reinsert SIM Card

A faulty SIM card or improper insertion can lead to the “Emergency Calls Only” bug. Power off your Xiaomi Pocophone F1, then use a SIM card ejector tool (or a paperclip) to remove the SIM card tray. Take out the SIM card, check for any damages or debris, and reinsert it properly. Power on your phone and check if the bug is gone.

How to Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 “Emergency Calls Only” Bug


6. Reset Network Settings

If none of the above methods work, you can try resetting your network settings. This action will remove all saved Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth devices, and cellular network settings. Go to Settings > System > Reset > Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth. Confirm the reset and wait for the process to complete. Afterward, set up your network connections again and check if the bug is resolved.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Fix Xiaomi Pocophone F1 “emergency Calls Only” Bug


Why Is My Mi Phone Showing Emergency Calls Only?


Your mi phone might be showing “emergency calls only” due to various reasons. To fix this issue, try these troubleshooting steps: manually selecting your network operator, changing your network mode type, resetting your network settings, clearing the SIM Toolkit cache, or checking if the SIM card is properly inserted.


How Can I Fix My Phone When It Says Emergency Calls Only?


To fix the issue of your phone showing “emergency calls only,” try the following troubleshooting steps: 1. Check signal strength and make sure you have network coverage in your area. 2. Restart your phone and remove and reinsert the SIM card.


3. Check if your phone is in airplane mode and turn it off if it is. 4. Update your phone’s software to the latest version. 5. Contact your service provider if the issue persists.


How Do I Turn Off Emergency Sos On Poco?


To turn off emergency SOS on Poco: 1. Open Settings on your phone. 2. Tap Safety & emergency. 3. Select Emergency SOS. 4. Tap the Settings icon under “How it works. ” 5. Finally, tap Turn off Emergency SOS. (Source: Google Support)


Dealing with the “Emergency Calls Only” bug on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1 can be frustrating, but with the methods mentioned in this article, you can troubleshoot and fix the issue. Remember to check your network signal, restart your phone, update the software, toggle Airplane Mode, remove and reinsert the SIM card, and reset network settings if necessary. Hopefully, these steps will help you regain full connectivity and eliminate the “Emergency Calls Only” bug on your Xiaomi Pocophone F1.

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