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7,000 Taka Price Mobile In Bangladesh

7,000 Taka Price Mobile In Bangladesh

The best smartphone under 7,000 Taka in Bangladesh is the Nokia 1.4. With its affordable price and reliable features, it offers excellent value for money.

The Nokia 1. 4 is an Android smartphone that provides a smooth and efficient user experience, suitable for everyday use. Its stunning display, decent camera, and long-lasting battery make it a popular choice among budget-conscious consumers. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly mobile phone with good performance and features, the Nokia 1.

4 is definitely worth considering.

7,000 Taka Price Mobile In Bangladesh


Features And Specifications Of 7,000 Taka Mobiles

Are you in the market for an affordable mobile phone in Bangladesh? Look no further than the 7,000 Taka price range. These budget-friendly smartphones offer impressive features and specifications that won’t break the bank. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of 7,000 Taka mobiles, including their display size and quality, processor and RAM, camera capabilities, battery life and charging, as well as any additional features they may offer.

Display Size And Quality

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mobile phone is the display. 7,000 Taka mobiles typically offer a 5.5-inch to 6.2-inch display, which is ideal for both multimedia consumption and everyday tasks. Additionally, these smartphones often feature HD or Full HD resolution, providing crisp and clear visuals for your viewing pleasure.

Processor And Ram

The performance of a mobile phone heavily relies on its processor and RAM. Luckily, 7,000 Taka mobiles come equipped with quad-core or octa-core processors, ensuring smooth multitasking and efficient app usage. When it comes to RAM, these smartphones typically offer 2GB to 3GB, allowing you to run multiple apps simultaneously without any lag.

Camera Capabilities

Capturing precious moments with friends and family is made easy with the camera capabilities of 7,000 Taka mobiles. These smartphones usually come with a 8MP to 13MP rear camera, accompanied by various features such as autofocus, LED flash, and HDR. In addition to that, you can expect a 5MP to 8MP front camera for stunning selfies and video calls.

Battery Life And Charging

Worried about running out of battery during the day? 7,000 Taka mobiles have got you covered. With their 2500mAh to 4000mAh battery capacities, these smartphones offer long-lasting performance. Moreover, they often come with fast charging technology, allowing you to quickly recharge your device and stay connected throughout the day.

Additional Features

Apart from the basic features mentioned above, 7,000 Taka mobiles offer some additional functionalities that enhance the user experience. These may include fingerprint sensors for enhanced security, expandable storage options via microSD cards, as well as 4G connectivity for faster internet browsing and downloading.

In conclusion, 7,000 Taka mobiles in Bangladesh provide impressive features and specifications at an affordable price point. Whether you’re a student, a budget-conscious individual, or someone who simply needs a reliable smartphone without breaking the bank, these devices are worth considering.

7,000 Taka Price Mobile In Bangladesh


Popular 7,000 Taka Mobiles In Bangladesh

Are you on the lookout for a reliable and budget-friendly mobile phone in Bangladesh? Look no further! In this article, we will explore some of the popular mobile options available in the 7,000 Taka price range. Whether you need a basic phone for calls and texts or a smartphone with advanced features, there are plenty of choices to suit your needs and preferences.

Nokia 1.4

Nokia has been a trusted brand in the mobile industry for years, and the Nokia 1.4 is no exception. This smartphone offers a seamless user experience with its Android operating system and powerful hardware. With an impressive display and decent battery life, the Nokia 1.4 is an excellent choice in the 7,000 Taka price range.

Itel A70

If you’re looking for a budget smartphone that doesn’t compromise on performance, the Itel A70 should be on your radar. Packed with features like a large display, dual rear cameras, and a robust battery, this device offers excellent value for money. Whether you need it for work or leisure, the Itel A70 won’t disappoint.

Other Notable Options

In addition to the Nokia 1.4 and Itel A70, there are other noteworthy options available in the 7,000 Taka price range. Some popular choices include the Symphony XYZ, XYZ XYZ, and XYZ XYZ. These smartphones offer a variety of features and specifications, allowing you to find the perfect device that meets your requirements without breaking the bank.

When it comes to buying a mobile phone in Bangladesh, it’s crucial to consider factors like performance, battery life, camera quality, and software updates. By choosing a phone from our list of popular 7,000 Taka mobiles, you can be confident that you’re getting a reliable device that offers excellent value for money.

7,000 Taka Price Mobile In Bangladesh


Frequently Asked Questions Of 7,000 Taka Price Mobile In Bangladesh

Which Mobile Is Best In 5000 To 7000?

The best mobile phone in the price range of 5000 to 7000 is the Redmi Note by Xiaomi. It offers great features at an affordable price.

Q: What Are The Best Mobile Options Under 7,000 Taka In Bangladesh?

A: Explore popular options like Nokia 1. 4, Itel A70, and Xiaomi Redmi smartphones within your budget.

Q: Which Brand Offers Android Smartphones Within The 7,000 Taka Price Range?

A: Brands like Nokia, Itel, and Xiaomi offer Android smartphones within the 7,000 Taka price range.


With a budget of 7,000 Taka in Bangladesh, you have access to a wide range of Android smartphones. From the affordable Nokia 1. 4 to the feature-rich Itel A70, there are options for every individual. Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences before making a final decision.

With the right choice, you can enjoy a fulfilling mobile experience without breaking the bank. Happy shopping!

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